This print was made in protest at the Palestinian occupation. The idea was to create a correlation between the mistreatment of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, and Palestinians in Gaza, such as; food rations, medical deprivation and indiscriminate acts of violence against men women and children. In short, the aim of the print was to convey the historic hypocrisy of the Israeli government, and its use of the Holocaust to justify the further segregation and brutalisation of the Palestinian people.

Suffering in to suffering.

Expermental screen print and spray paint combination, inspired by the Large Hadron Collider.

Inspired by the Conservative party's privatisation of our NHS

This 3 colour screen print is about mathematical sequences and the subject of infinity and so on. . . .

A 3 colour screen print about the rise of arguably the most influential music and culture of Hip Hop.

A three colour screen. Inspired by the IMF and the overall world monetary system, and the way this corrupt and complex construct has managed to dominate most of the world’s wealth through world debt. While at the same time enabling corporate and governmental groups to squander inconceivable amounts of money through tax havens.

The inspiration for this piece stemmed from the idea of a social reawakening and ultimately a reform of the uneven distribution of wealth throughout the world. The praying mantis symbolises 99% of the world’s population manifesting itself through collective power to take back what is theirs from the elite 1% political and business class.

Inspired by the term “turnkey totalitarianism” coined by Julian Sanchez in response to the latest US and UK government hacking scandal.

“the appropriate question is whether the creation of a system of surveillance perilously alters that balance too far in the direction of government control, whether or not we have problems with the current use of that system. We might imagine a system of compulsory cameras installed in homes, activated only by warrant, being used with scrupulous respect for the law over many years. The problem is that such an architecture of surveillance, once established, would be difficult to dismantle, and prove too potent a tool of control if it ever fell into the hands of people who — whether through panic, malice, or a misguided confidence in their own ability to secretly judge the public good — would seek to use it against us.”

Julian Sanchez

This Illustration was made in response to a tedtalk.com video on neo evolution, which is in essence creating artificial mutations in the human genome to customise our strength, stamina, intelligence etc. Scary yet interesting stuff…

Harvey Fineberg: Are we ready for neo-evolution?
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